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My name is Miguel Sagrero

The multi-talented musician and conductor Miguel Sagrero has had a very spectacular career through the musical world. Miguel, who studied composition at the Royal Northern College of Music, has premiered a wide spectrum of compositions. His talent for music goes beyond creation; he has established himself as a conductor in a number of nations, including Argentina, Honduras, Mexico, and Spain.

On the operatic stage, Miguel's vocal prowess has been highlighted by memorable performances as Benoit in "La Boheme" and Dr. Grenvil in "La Traviata." In addition, he  established the "Bajío Opera Studio," cultivating emerging talent and observing their achievement through scholarships and competition successes. Miguel is a committed educator.

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Miguel Sagrero


Works for piano, string orchestra and syntheziser.

From the powerful Chakona for piano to the quiet and peaceful Rio de Noviembre (November river) or Shadows of a Remote Past, those are perfect showcases to introduce ourselves to the music of Miguel Sagrero.

Ey, Uknhem! (Volga boatmen song)

Miguel Sagrero, bass

A Gold Rush Suite

A Gold Rush Suite is a composition by Miguel Sagrero based on Charlie Chaplin's silent film "The Gold Rush". The original soundtrack for bassoon, piano, and synthesizer was commissioned for its projection during the cycle of a university's club cinema in 2012 and was performed live. This suite is a compilation of the most important musical themes from the original score. For this recording (2019 review), the composer added some extra textures to the synthesizer part.

Tokata for Piano

Early work for piano in which it explores complex rhythms and sonorities using whole-tone scales.

Whale Project & Improvisation for Synth

Electroacoustic works using samples of whales and improvisation for the synthesizer

Adagio in C minor for Strings

A piece for string orchestra based on a sketch of mine written back in 1995

Yorick, The Hunchback

Yorick the Hunchback. It is a children's opera written by Miguel Sagrero with a libretto by the poet Javier Malagón. It was commissioned and premiered at the IV Sustainable Opera Festival of Buitrago de Lozoya, Spain in 2015 and presented in Mexico in 2016, being a resounding success. Join Yorick and his friends in this stupendous opera for children and adults, masterfully performed by great artists.

Don't Stop

Estefanía Arreguín, singer

Miguel Sagrero, music & lyrics

Another Christmas Album... In Spanish!

A fine selection of Christmas Carols in different genres and modern styles.

Oh Pus for Piano

A little musical joke: once while studying in a conservatory cubicle, I went out to buy a snack with one of my best friends. Upon returning, we went back to the cubicle and jokingly began to improvise on the piano, the result pleased me so much that I began to write what we had done. Here is some of what I was able to record that night in the 90s.

Prelude for Piano No.1

Early work for piano revised in 2020.

Petite fugue en sol majeur pour clavecin

A piece that I composed during my time as a student, as an exercise in exploring the music of J. S. Bach



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